What Four Things Make Ideal Clean Juice Franchise Partners

By Clean Juice

You might have seen our vivacious social engagement and colorful brand marketing, tasted our delicious organic avocado toast, or even wondered to yourself, “What does it take to own a Clean Juice franchise?” We’re happy you asked! Everyone’s path to ownership is different. Here are a few pointers on what it takes to be a successful Franchise Partner at Clean Juice.


A not-so-secret ingredient to success is tenacity. It takes determination in the face of physical, mental, or spiritual opposition to get what you want. We love our Clean Juice team because it took perseverance to open a first-of-its-kind, all-organic food, and juice bar franchise. Everyone should have the opportunity to eat wholesome, healthy food at a fun eatery. Still, we go further and make sure it is USDA-certified because here at Clean Juice, we believe in transparency and want our customers to understand the value of what we’re offering.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is a great start, but the persistence to reach your goals sets you apart from others. We look for this same tenacity in our potential Franchise Partners. These people are problem solvers who have the tenacity and focus to overcome any obstacle that will get in the way. Simply put, they are grinders!


Financial readiness is essential for starting a Clean Juice franchise but there’s a silver lining because you might be in better shape than you think! We begin by reviewing a candidate’s net worth and liquid capital. Your net worth can include the equity in your home and personal property like jewelry and stock. Liquid capital is the cash you immediately have available. Other items like your credit score will also come into play for securing something like an SBA loan. We’re happy to review all of these items with you to see where you stand.


Creating challenging goals for yourself is another ideal trait in our Clean Juice franchise family! Goals provide focus and motivation by setting targets so you can see if you’re meeting your criteria for business success. Like a compass, goals guide us to what needs improvement and celebrate the processes working to grow your organic franchise. We believe in having fun while striving and staying focused on our mission to lead meaningful lives and to truly serve delicious and healthy products.


Clean Juice has a beautiful, vibrant culture centered on our faith-based approach to business. We believe delivering healthy organic juices, smoothies, and food should include God, gratitude, positivity, and respect, and we look for these similar qualities in our wonderful Franchise Partners. We lead with love and a servant’s heart…and we’re looking for Franchise Partners who have the same passion and commitment to carry our brand forward.


We love hearing from our Clean Juice fans because they make the best franchise partners! We’re in a rapidly growing industry that would benefit significantly from the addition of YOU. If you represent these traits and want to be a community business leader in your area, we would love to talk!

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