If you’re someone who is tired of the corporate world and working for someone else’s bottom line, now might be the time to change your title to franchisee by opening an organic juice franchise with Clean Juice. We’re one of the fastest-growing franchise opportunities out there and recently recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top 2021 organic juice franchise choice.

We’re a great choice for execs looking to quit the rat race, but we also know you’re probably wondering about some stuff, like how to buy a franchise business or be your own boss. Hey, we get it! Our co-founder, Landon Eckles, was feeling the same way when he and his wife, Kat, founded Clean Juice six years ago. Landon was tired of working toward someone else’s goals, and when he and Kat opened their first Clean Juice store, they knew they were on to something.

They knew how much work it would take to turn their passion for clean living into a successful health food franchise. From the planning and research to the recipes and sourcing, they figured everything out together and created a path for others to follow when it comes to starting an organic juice bar. Now, with 100+ locations**, their learned experience has built an award-winning business model everyone is gushing to be a part of.

Multi-Unit Ownership

There are quite a few perks and benefits to opening multiple stores with a successful franchise like Clean Juice, especially when compared to building your own business from the ground up. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the multiplier effect of scalability.

After you open your first successful store, the time (and energy) required to duplicate success in stores #2, #3, and #4 is shorter. Multi-unit ownership in the franchise space is growing for lots of good reasons, and right now, nearly 2 out of 5 Clean Juice franchisees take advantage of these inherent economies of scale. We’re excited to help them build their “Clean Juice empire” because there’s no greater compliment to any franchisor than when one of their partners wants to multiply.

Benefits of multi-unit franchising:

  • Simplicity – With more locations, you’ll have easier and better access to capital as well as the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day operations and focus on the growth of your businesses.

  • Shared resources – With multiple locations, you’ll have the flexibility to share resources, including marketing and employees, and be eligible for supply chain discounts.

  • Grow your bottom line faster – With more locations, you have more opportunities to generate income. You’ll also be better protected in a struggling economy by spreading the financial risks across multiple stores.

While it’s true that the more Clean Juice stores you open, the more overall value your businesses will potentially have, there’s another significant advantage to pursuing multi-unit franchise opportunities with Clean Juice — you’ll be doubling and tripling the ways you can help your community eat better and feel better! You’ll become an influential asset as your guests learn the real value of an organic lifestyle.



With more than 100+ juice bar franchise locations open across the U.S., it’s safe to say that Clean Juice knows a thing or two about real estate, branding, and marketing. Before a store is built, there’s a lot of research and love that goes into creating the perfect place and space for a Clean Juice, and after seeing stores go up in malls, shopping centers, and free-standing stores in cities and towns across the country, we found a really great pair that’s just too good to ignore and a winning health and fitness Franchise Partnership: juice bars + gyms.

What do juice bars and gyms have in common?! They’re both focused on healthy living, fueling the body, and all the feels of feeling GOOD! The two go hand-in-hand and there’s nowhere else I’d rather go after a gym session than into a Clean Juice. I mean, hello! Have you read the menu?? There are so many protein smoothies to pick from, Acai bowls packed with protein and healthy goodness, cold-pressed juices, and so many more options to help anyone reach their goal of healthy living, and when you open a juice bar near a gym, it’s a match made in juice heaven.


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