Kat and Landon Eckles sprouted Clean Juice from their desire to lead healthier lives and to share their passion for health-conscious, delicious foods with others. From day one, Kat was focused on creating fresh, flavorful concoctions with organic ingredients and, to this day, Clean Juice is not only the first but the only USDA-certified organic health food franchise.

Our incredible products are second only to the experience we aim to provide, which can be described in three words – smiles, speed, and service. We take a lot of pride in curating an overall environment that is aesthetically pleasing, vibrant, and wholesome, so families and guests of all ages can partake in the Clean Juice experience.

A Fresh, Exciting & Growing Opportunity

The organic food industry is fast-growing and Clean Juice is at the forefront with our delicious, hand-crafted products made the guests want it. In fact, it’s estimated that this industry will be worth over $70 billion by 2025 in the U.S. alone, and millennials, the largest group of organic shoppers, will have the biggest impact in shaping it.

Taking advantage of our health food franchise will let you capitalize on an industry that is exploding. More and more Americans everywhere are all about making organic food choices, which is evident in a USDA survey:

  • The total sales of organic products went up 31%, from $2.37B in 2016 to $9.93B in 2019

  • The number of organic farms went up by 17% from 2016

  • Retail markets, institutions, and food hubs bought just over $2B worth of organic products

  • Another $3B were sold directly to consumers

Millennial and Gen Z guests are especially into the importance of organic eating, and Clean Juice is leading the way with these key demographics. They’re all about making it easy to access healthy, organic and delicious food through partnerships with third-party delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash and its engaging rewards app featuring their subscription-based Cleanse Club, where every month they can enjoy cleansing programs, educational content, discounts, and access to an online family of cleanse and Clean Juice fans.

Our proven business model capitalizes on this movement, featuring a unique and refreshing menu guests can feel good about. Our fresh ideas caught on and, since 2015, Clean Juice has rapidly grown from a single location, to well over a hundred.



How often do you update your closet, your decorations, or even your grocery options? People love change and they love trying new things. It gets them excited and it’s almost like a rat race to see who tries it first and posts about it on social media. New seasonal choices like watermelon, apple, and pumpkin are our way of keeping our guests excited and in love with organic clean eating.

Retail 101 is about variety and finding unique ways to spice it up – and our guests are always looking for it. Plus, in the case of our juice shops with seasonal items, they’re just a whole lot of tasty fun. The fact is, seasonal menus see 26% more orders from guests than non-seasonal menus, and Clean Juice is all about making sure we offer a variety of wholesome, delicious, and organic seasonal menu items to keep your guests coming back for more. Best of all, these items are more cost-effective because they use readily available ingredients that are in season, saving our juice bar franchisees money and growing their bottom lines.


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