The Clean Juice Story: How We Started, Where We’re Headed

By Clean Juice

When we started Clean Juice six years ago, we knew we were onto something great. We knew how important it was for communities to have access to clean, wholesome, organic food choices, not just because they taste better, but because they are better, not only for us, but also for the environment. Before Clean Juice came along, USDA-certified organic juice bars didn’t exist in the U.S. Yes, you read that right. There were zero USDA-certified organic juice bars, but we changed all that, and now, we’re leaders in our industry. How? Let’s take a brief look at how the Clean Juice brand got started and how we’re shaping up for the future.


It all began with a simple desire: to eat better. Kat Eckles, Clean Juice co-founder and Chief Branding Officer, wanted to feed not just her growing family wholesome food choices, but herself as well. A self-described recovered Taco Bell addict, Kat began creating organic juices and smoothies in her kitchen, using many ingredients she grew in her own backyard garden. It didn’t take long for her and the entire Eckles clan to realize the awesome benefits, and it quickly became a way of life.

“Kat discovered the importance of organic, plant-based eating after we had our first daughter,” said Landon Eckles, Kat’s hubby and Clean Juice CEO and co-founder. “Kat realized how different this kind of eating made her feel, and she was hooked. I caught on a few years later,” he continues, “and made juicing and blending a staple in our home. Feeling the huge change it made to our own energy levels and overall wellness, we knew it was something we needed to bring to the masses.”

Shortly after that, in 2015, Landon and Kat opened the first Clean Juice home store in Huntersville, NC, and followed it shortly after that with their first organic juice bar franchise. Six years and 100+ stores later, we’re going strong — so strong that we’ve been voted the #1 fastest-growing franchise by Franchise Gator, a leading industry tracker of franchise growth.


Two hundred. That’s the number of Clean Juice stores we plan to grow to over the next two years, with approximately 35 of them slated for business this year! Last year, we added 29 new franchise locations and welcomed three new states, for a total of 27, to the Clean Juice organic juice bar franchise family. Our goal, of course, is all 50 states, because we want as many communities as possible to benefit from the Clean Juice organic menu. We’re now registered to license franchises in 47 of them, and we’re working to secure the remaining three in the very near future. It’s going to be a party when that day happens and you’re invited!

We’re tremendously excited for what 2021 and beyond holds for us and we know that none of it is possible without our incredible family of Franchise Partners. They are the bedrock of the Clean Juice brand, and it’s through their hard work and excitement that our organic juice bar franchise has become an industry leader. So, come join us! We’d love for you to be a part of the fastest-growing franchise brand out there!

We’re here to answer all your questions about a Clean Juice franchise opportunity, so get in touch today!


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