Our Supply Chain Relationships Are the Key to Your Healthy Food Franchise’s Success!

By Clean Juice

When you open a healthy food franchise with Clean Juice, you’ll be providing your community with the opportunity to enjoy USDA-certified organic juices, smoothies, acai bowls, toasts, and more, every day. Your guests will quickly appreciate the difference that wholesome and clean eating can make, and they’ll learn to rely on you for a consistently delicious menu, with some seasonal changes and product innovation that comes along with it.

Supply chains are critical to many businesses, and that’s especially true for our beverage franchise. Our food and ingredients need to come from reliable organic sources, be consistently fresh, and be delivered when needed. We’ve spent years vetting our vendors and suppliers and have developed relationships with them that directly benefit our franchisees. Here, we’ll look a little more closely at that.


“We get that potential investors may be a little worried about entering our industry, because they might not be sure how to find what they need to create our unique menu items. But we’ve taken care of that for them,” assures Kim Juda, Director of Supply Chain Management at Clean Juice.

As the original USDA-certified organic beverage franchise, Clean Juice has worked hard to identify some of the very best suppliers out there, and our relationships with them ensure that our Franchise Partners enjoy everything they need to create and share our delicious menu items, day after day. Furthermore, any Franchise Partner new to the idea of supply chains and how they work will get a crash course in them during their pre-opening training at Clean Juice University, where we go over everything they need to know about not only supply chains, but all the day-to-day operations of their store as well.

“A Franchise Partner’s success is certainly tied to good supply chain management, and we facilitate the distribution and sourcing as much as possible on a support level,” says Juda. “The goal is always to improve efficiencies, leverage purchasing power, focus on economies of scale, and in turn impact the bottom-line.”


Clean Juice Franchise Partners will quickly discover they can rely on the communication we’ve already established with our vendors and suppliers to make reaching out to them easy and productive. Depending on how busy your store is, you might find you’re contacting suppliers for fresh or frozen produce once a month or every week. No matter how many times you need to reach out, you can count on knowing who to turn to. If there are ever any problems or issues, our team is here to help.

“We know how important it is to be consistent and not disappoint,” says Juda. “We’ve established a rapport with some of the best organic vendors out there, and that takes a lot of the burden off of our Franchise Partners.”

Our robust supply chain is just one of the reasons why partnering with us to open your healthy food franchise makes a lot of sense. Ready to find out more? Reach out today!



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