Convert Your Passion for an Organic Lifestyle Into a Living With a Clean Juice Organic Juice Franchise!

By Clean Juice

Right now, the organic industry is the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. food market, and we’re not surprised. At Clean Juice, we know that every day more and more people make organic food choices because they know how important they can be to maintaining good overall health. If you’re someone who has a passion for an organic lifestyle and would love to turn it into a career, a Clean Juice organic juice franchise is something to seriously think about!


The Clean Juice brand was founded by Kat and Landon Eckles, two faith-driven visionaries who took their passion for an organic lifestyle and turned it into over 100 Clean Juice locations, with more on the way! Landon and Kat are also parents to five kids, so they know all about the importance of family and how it serves as a bedrock for so much of what we love in life. A focus on family informs just about every aspect of the Clean Juice story, and we think that’s why so many of the owners of our organic juice franchises aren’t operating solely on their own, but rather, as entire families, working together to grow their stores.  

“I think the reason why families love the Clean Juice brand is because it’s something parents and children can really get behind,” muses Staci McDonnell, VP of Franchise Development. “Parents love us because we represent a strong investment, and their kids love us because our brand is something they can really believe in.”

Most of our Franchise Partners are families — like the Skarecky family in Arizona, and the Bakers in Florida. They are parents, children, and grandparents who have taken their love of organic goodness and turned it into their livelihoods. Parents might be greeting customers while the kids and grandparents are busy cold-pressing juices or scrubbing fresh veggies, making the day-to-day operation of their Clean Juice stores a chance to bond and grow!


Millennial parents are now the biggest group of organic buyers in America, and their influence only stands to increase. Their passion for organic eating is an important reason why Clean Juice organic juice franchises are enjoying important places in communities across the country. Our wholesome and growing menu of USDA-certified organic quick-serve food choices means families can enjoy the convenience of fast food and the benefits of clean eating, both at the same time! 


Turning your passion for organic goodness into a meaningful living means you’ll want to partner with the right franchisor — and Clean Juice is that brand. We were the first franchise to be certified USDA-organic, which means more people trust us to serve truly delicious and healthy menu items that aren’t processed or have hidden additives or GMOs. It’s just pure organic goodness. 

Your investment in a Clean Juice organic juice franchise gets you immediate access to the power of a recognized and respected brand name, not to mention the support of an incredible corporate team dedicated to ensuring your progress and success!

Ready to turn your passion for organic goodness into purpose and profit? Get in touch today!



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