Clean Juice Shines Its Light in Sunny Florida

By Clean Juice

The Clean Juice family loves to celebrate and new store openings are at the pinnacle! Since starting franchising approximately ago, our growth has exploded by signing more than 200 stores. And that’s reason to celebrate! While all openings are special and worthy of a collective happy dance, our recent store opening at Town Center Mall in the heart of Jacksonville must be at the top. Not only was this store opened in one of our most popular states, but this was the first store for Tim Tebow as a Franchise Partner (not just a brand ambassador!) That’s right…the Tim Tebow, a former two-sport professional star and Heisman Trophy winner. Now he ads Clean Juice Franchise Partner to esteemed designations!


In launching a new store, the Home Office operations, training and marketing teams have several “tricks of the trade” to drive buzz and get your team ready win guests for life (yes, even if you aren’t a two-sport celebrity!) Whether it’s our Free Smoothies for a Year promotion or the family fun offers throughout the day, or the private influencer event, our team helps you open with a bang! Before those doors open, our Operations team works with you several days (on site!) to ensure you’re ready to serve the guest with speed, a smile and a servant’s heart. Clean Juice supports every step of your journey.


Even before training and the marketing push, there are many thrilling steps to get your Clean Juice store off on the right foot. Perhaps the most important is Retail 101: Location! Oure beautiful, simple, and clean store layouts are highly flexible and can fit almost any parcel – including drive-thrus and stand-alones! We offer a simple, clutter-free design with an open kitchen for guests to see the fresh ingredients being used. We also scour gobs of data, artificial intelligence, demo- and psychographics, co-tenancy, and a little common sense in making our collective decision on where your store will be!


This franchise opening shines for Clean Juice because Tim Tebow is our official national brand ambassador. But what we love about Tim is not his accolades on the field, but for his work with his foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation. Through our Quarters4Kids charitable partnership, in which we ask each guest to add $.25 to every order, a portion of each quarter goes to Tim’s foundation serving underprivileged children. In fact, all communities can benefit from this program by simply applying for a grant to benefit a family, organization, or cause in their local community. This kind of philanthropy exemplifies what Clean Juice stands for, and we’re ecstatic to participate.


Our faith-based franchise offers the perfect opportunity to turn your passion for organic, healthy wellness into a bright, positive future for your family and your community – just like Tim Tebow. It’s time to change your career path…for you and your family…and be a part of something with purpose. Something bigger. As a USDA-certified organic quick service restaurant, we stand behind the quality of everything we make. As a brand, we follow our core values to improve ourselves every day. We’re here as your partner to turn toward a meaningful life. Contact us today to see how you can get started



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