3 Ways to Effectively Market Your Juice Store

By Clean Juice

Joining the Clean Juice (CJ) family and opening your own franchise is kind of a BIG deal around here, and we make that known to everyone who becomes a part of the Clean Juice culture, and yes. That’s a thing! Once you’re a part of the fam, you have access to everything that is geared towards making you successful, and we all know one of the most important ways to be successful is through strong marketing, but don’t worry, we got you. You’re never left to create your own marketing strategy or your own content, because we give you access to a world of developed materials based on social search engine and event and influencer marketing. Marketing is key for driving results, and when you’re a part of the CJ fam, you won’t ever lack positive results.

Yes, our Clean Juice marketing team is the best in the game, but some of the most effective marketing and sales strategies flow from the Franchise Partner who’s active in the community. How? You have your store, you know your store, and you know your customer base, and with that knowledge, you can utilize your store team to deliver the best possible in-store experience. Word of mouth from happy customers is always a great way to make sure your store is marketed in a positive light from a firsthand experience. Let’s be real, Clean Juice’s products are by far the best on the market, and when you pair our items with rocking ownership and our kind and quick customer service, you’re set up for successful marketing all around, but to help, we made a list of other effective marketing tips.

Here Are Three Quick Tips for Effective Marketing:


Marketing your juice store franchise doesn’t just mean snazzy pictures, catchy videos, and BOGO deals, it also means becoming a part of the community and learning about its ins and outs. The best way to do that is by joining your Chamber of Commerce, because it allows you to network with integral people in the community. Once that relationship is built, they’ll want to support you and your Clean Juice store all the more, which means you’ll have access to discounted marketing initiatives and a group of community influencers to help you grow to the top.


Your guests play a huge part in the success of your store and they’re the cheapest form of marketing, literally. You’re making money off of their business, and if their experience with your store and CJ products is organic, honest, and delicious, then they’ll post about it, tag you, and they’ll tell their friends about it, and all you have to do is provide exceptional service. Easy, right?! I know! With Covid still being a factor in our world, you might not have a lot of foot traffic, and that’s ok, you can still make sure your guest experience is amazing. How? 

Double check your orders to make sure you didn’t make the wrong thing or that you didn’t forget to include something in their order. Be sure to include any utensils they may need, napkins, straws, or whatever else may be needed to make sure they can enjoy what they bought! If you have a bad review, respond with grace, understanding, and compassion rather than with an attitude or anger. There are so many ways to make sure that exceptional service is delivered right to their doors.


Social media can be found on nearly every phone and is used in so many different facets, which is why you can’t really hate it when you work for an amazing company like Clean Juice. It’s a lifeline that keeps the juices flowing in and out of the store, and when you use your social media following to influence the flow of your customers, it can change everything. 

Our team has built a very strong brand following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and it’s important for your store to stay on brand, but to also show the behind the scenes of your store. When you think of what Clean Juice represents, it’s important to remember to always be organic and honest on social media, and when you show that side of your store with customers, it makes you fun, real, and it’ll draw in new customers and create a fanbase that keeps them coming back for more.

Managing your social media channels is easy and 100% free to do, and it’s the perfect place to celebrate guests, announce updates, benefits of menu items, share specials, or run contests. By including guests and anything that’s engaging, it builds your community relationships and it strengthens your brand identity. If you don’t have the time to manage these platforms yourself, consider hiring someone who does, and most importantly, someone who ENJOYS doing it, and watch your store flourish.

Our expert team of marketing professionals is always on hand to help get the word out. To find out more about how we support our Franchise Partners, reach out today!



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