Store Development

Take Advantage of Our Juice Bar Franchise Opportunity

Clean Juice shop facade


Our Development Team utilizes cutting-edge demographic analysis tools to help you select the perfect location for your Clean Juice store. We have built wonderful relationships with a huge network of real estate brokers so we can guide you through every step of the process.


Our Director of Construction, Chris Cornett, will work by your side through the architecture and construction process. Chris is the expert in all things Clean Juice construction. He will review architectural plans, help you select a general contractor, submit plans to health department, and even help put the finishing touches on your store. Chris makes sure that Clean Juice’s franchise support is second to none!

Building and Designing your Clean Juice franchise
Clean Juice University


Our Director of Training, Katie Biel, will teach you everything you need to know about running a successful Clean Juice location. You’ll get a crash course in supply-chain, marketing, and cold-pressing. You’ll get in-store experience that will prepare you for your store’s opening. At the end of this intense six day course, you’ll be prepared to serve your community the healthiest organic products available anywhere.


The two weeks before your store opens will be the most exciting part of the process and also stressful! But that’s okay, we are here to help! One week before your General Contractor finishes their work, our Director of Construction will be on site to ensure your location has the true Clean Juice fit and finish! After you receive your Certificate of Occupancy, a certified Clean Juice trainer will be onsite for 8 days to prepare you and your staff for opening.

Clean Juice store launch event
Clean Juice staff on the counter


After your opening, it’s time to really build your business! Your Field Business Consultant will work with you and your team twice per quarter to help you optimize your business. They are equipped to help with marketing, operations, additional training, and even understanding financial statements. Your FBC is there for you when you need them most!