Samantha Fitz-Roy, Director of HR
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Samantha Fitz-Roy


Meet Samantha Fitz-Roy, our Director of HR! She is the first smiling face you will see walking in the Clean Juice doors, and just her smile will make your day better!


Samantha Fitz-Roy, our Director of HR, has been called a gypsy, but we like to think she is culturally advanced. Having lived in seven houses and four cities in eight years, Doylestown, Pennsylvania remains home sweet home for her. She pretends that she was born with the world “y’all” in her vocabulary & lululemon happens to be her love language (someone needs to let Gary Chapman know this is actually the 6th love language). A lover of travel, soccer, music, & crème brulee, she fell in love with Clean Juice in 2016 on one of her quarterly trips to North Carolina to visit her best friend. After battling many health issues and resorting to a mostly plant based diet, this became more of a passion and a lifestyle than an option. Knowing God was calling her to life in Charlotte, she made the move from Pittsburgh In November 2016. God has led her down many career paths such as cosmetology, sales, youth ministry & interior design. When this opportunity fell from the gates of heaven, she knew that It was everything she was passionate about: from the faith based culture to the love of health and wellness & the ability to be a part of this family, helping them grow this business from the ground up. Some may say she’s the jack of all trades, with the ability to give you a swanky haircut, plan out your kitchen design, coordinate your travel plans and run payroll all in one day! Her two favorite products are The Immunity One with Maca and The Nutty Bowl, no maple, add dates, hemp, gluten free granola & extra almond butter on top … Don’t worry, she gives the Juiceristas a heads up that her orders are high maintenance!