Paul Diffee, Project Manager
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Paul Diffee


Meet Paul Diffee, another guy that makes it all happen! He will launch your store, ease your fears and warm your heart.


Paul Diffee came to Clean Juice by way of…… well he got here.. Lets just leave it at that. He’s been a cowboy in New Mexico, a First Mate on a Yacht, an oilman in West Texas, and a missionary in 13 different countries.  A bit of a prodigal son, Paul had to explore different lifestyles and occupations before he could find peace with himself and a relationship with our Heavenly Father. He’s our Project Manager because he loves people a little more than most and his most prized purpose is serving others. Paul has a desire to use all his skills and knowledge to spread Clean Juice across the country. His job is also his ministry. And since we’re all about transparency, we should tell you that we really took Paul because we already liked Alexa. Alexa is Paul’s favorite thing and one of our managers at our first home store. They’re a package deal really. Oh, and Paul likes The Green Bowl with a matcha express kicker.