Jen McAlister, District Manager of the Carolinas
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Jen McAlister


Meet Jen McAlister, one of our amazing Field Support Managers.


After investing many years in being a mom and wife (her most important “job”), Jen felt a nudge in her spirit telling her it was time to get back out into the working world. She wasn’t quite sure what that would look like, but she had faith that God would bring a career into her life that was just the right fit for her. As a Master Yoga Instructor, she hoped that it would be something that fit into her healthy(ish, come on everyone likes a donut once in awhile!) lifestyle. Clean Juice was introduced to Jen through a friend who had just started working at the, then newly opened, Stonecrest location. And the rest is organic history! What started as a small part time job as a smiling, friendly juicerista has very quickly evolved into a sold out, even bigger smiling, excited, and very thankful District Manager of the Carolina’s. It has been a whirlwind experience, but she is so very humbled and thankful that Clean Juice is her “get to” dream job. And she knows that the best is yet to come for this amazing company! Jen’s favorite Clean Juice product is The Double One.