Coby Kraft, Vice President of Branding and Home Stores
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Coby Kraft


Meet Coby Kraft, our VP of Marketing! He works closely with Kat to develop the Clean Juice brand.


Coby Kraft grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. He first left home for Indianapolis, IN to play collegiate soccer. After college, Coby went into the family business which moved him to Charlotte, NC. After five years as the regional manager for Payne Sparkman Lighting he decided that life wasn’t for him. A lot has happened since then: he’s traveled all over the world. He’s hit every music festival he could afford. He’s worked for Lululemon where he worked his way through every position in the store within a year and became the community project lead for the SE area. He’s started his passion project @kraftprovisions. In August 2016, Landon approached Coby about an opportunity with Clean Juice. He shared his five-year vision for the company and Coby was instantly hooked, though he made Landon work for it. He loves to innovate, create and makes mistakes on the reg, which he does at Clean Juice every day. When Coby isn’t in our home stores you may find him hiking, out on the water, catching a local concert, or owning Brennan 1:1 on the basketball court.